My Privacy Page

I’m not really sure if privacy policies are supposed to be super long or super short.  I’ve seen both. I think though, that it really depends on the website itself. I guess if I were selling something related to arborists or tree services then this page page would need to be long enough to indicate that the buyer was protected.

To be honest, I probably don’t even need this page for what I’m doing but I’ll add it anyway, just because.

You should know that while you’re here browsing and reading about tree trimming and tree pruning, I’m not collecting any information or data from you.  You’re probably scratching your head now saying something like, “collecting information. Why would you need to do that in the first place?” Exactly! There’s no need but a lot of websites out there have cookies on them that get data about the visitors. 

Its nothing malicious but generally it’s for improving the websites. Anyway, I just wanted to give you the heads up about it and if I do decide that this site needs to start getting more information from visitors I’ll definitely let you know… but for now, just enjoy and if you need to contact me about anything you can do that here.