A Little Help Can Go A Long Way


Ignorance is Bliss? Not!

Ignoring tree care is never a good idea. For one, doing so can put your property and personal health in jeopardy. This isn’t to scare homeowners into using a tree removal specialist, it simply a fact. If a tree or tree limb falls onto the home, a whole myriad of safety and financial problems can arise. Without proper attention limbs, branches and the tree itself will become weak, even to the point of falling and causing tremendous damage. Having a licensed, professional tree service expert service trees on your property is an important step to avoid such potentially damaging situations.

It’s a Jungle Out There!

A second area of concern for most homeowners is overgrowth of existing trees and landscaping. Oftentimes, it is the beauty of a property that attracts us to buy. However, we quickly learn that maintaining this beauty is time-consuming, requires expensive equipment and itself can be dangerous.

Potential problems could be a tree infringing on a neighbor’s property, power line damage or root damage of water and sewer lines. Hiring a licensed, bonded arborist to correct overgrowth problems will solve many problems. Also, possible financial problems with neighbors or neighborhood associations can be fixed simply by using an arborist.

Understanding Your Homeowner’s Policy

Nature, or what insurance companies call “acts of God” can damage or weaken trees and limbs, causing immediate concern. Lightning, wind, even heavy rains can make a perfectly healthy tree a liability. In some cases, clearing damaged trees and shrubs can take days or weeks, depending on the extent of damage. Check your homeowner’s coverage in such cases, as hiring a tree damage specialist may be allowed or required by your insurance. To speed clean-up and ensure all remaining or hidden damage is known, hiring an arborist can also bring property owners a peace of mind.

DIY Doesn’t Always Mean Saving Money!

Everyone is capable of performing basic tree, shrub and landscaping maintenance themselves. Taking down low unsightly limbs, pruning decorative bushes or picking up small to medium-sized tree branches is generally very safe. However, bigger jobs as described in this article are typically best performed by an expert in tree removal, landscaping and clean up.

Working with Tree Professionals

As with any skilled service, tree trimming companies are experienced and well-trained at cutting damaged or overgrown limbs, trees and vegetation. Their skill at ensuring a safe tree removal is most notably seen in directly the cut tree away from existing property, structure or other trees and landscaping. Also, when trimming trees, a skilled arborist brings years of knowledge of where to trim in order to enhance the health of the tree, and most important, to not “shock” the tree, causing even more unseen damage.

If you have more than basic tree, shrub or landscaping duties on your property and are ready to hire a professional tree service, it is critical to hire an individual or company that is fully insured. If your property is accidentally damaged during a tree, limb, stump or shrub removal, you and your property are fully covered for repairs. For do-it-yourselfers, such damage can result in homeowner’s insurance issues, often requiring your to pay out-of-pocket for damages – or worse – a potential cancellation of your homeowner’s policy. Hiring a licensed, bonded expert tree trimming service guarantees you don’t have to worry.

A local tree service or highly trained arborist can help with any project. And, when you’re faced with larger, potentially dangerous tree damage problems, a professional tree service is the smartest, safest decision for any homeowner. Most reputable tree trimming and arborist services are fairly priced – and – always cheaper than the alternatives of property damage or personal injury.

They’re Just LookingOut For You

My brother has started his own real estate investing business… (if you’re in Redmond, WA and surrounding areas and would like to either sell or buy a house then click here to check out my brother’s website and to see if he can help you out)… and he mentioned to me that most people severely underestimate how much money a tree service can potentially save them.

If a tree on your property falls and lands on your car or house then you’re going to have some serious issues. What would be even worse is that tree on your property falling on your neighbor’s car or home. In both cases you’re going to have to assume responsibility. First, you’re going to still have to have the tree removed and then pay for any damages that occurred when it fell. Your insurance may go up or your insurance may not even cover that type of incident leaving you to come out of your pocket every step of the way.  

All of this is avoidable if you just simply have a professional tree care service come in regularly to make sure your trees are healthy and disease-free.

The Well Being Of Your Trees

Here are a few tips that will ensure the health of your trees.


Regular Mulching

By placing some good quality garden mulch around the base of the tree will ensure that any moisture in the soil will not evaporate to quickly. Also as the mulch breaks down it will add vital nutrients to the top layer of soil, which is where trees have most of their feeder roots. Always be certain not to allow any of the mulch to come into contact with the trunk of the tree, as this could cause collar rot.Regular mulching will also encourage macro organisms such as worms. to thrive in the soil.


Using a good all round liquid fertilizer on a regular basis will ensure that the tree gets all of the nutrients it needs to continue healthy growth. This will also help boost the trees immune system and assist in warding off infection. Use a special fertilizer for Australian Native species, as these trees are prone to toxicity from phosphorus.

Soil De-compaction

One of the major causes of bad health for trees is soil compaction. Over time the soil becomes unable to breath, this will inhibit air and water freely moving into the top soil. Take a garden fork and step down on it gently so as t goes about 15 centimeters into the ground. Gently move it back and forth so as to create some spaces or air holes in the soil. Do this about a meter away from the trunk of the tree so as to avoid damaging any surface roots.

Check for Bugs

Check your trees regularly for bugs and signs of insect attack. These are usually pretty obvious and if see any insects eating your trees you will need to act fast. There are a few natural alternatives to pesticides. My favorite is soapy water. Just take three table spoons of dish washing liquid and add it to a bucket of water. Splash the soapy mix all around the leaves of the tree.Alternatively you can use a garden hose spray attachment to reach higher places. This will suffocate the bugs as the detergent dries up. Do not spray detergent on trees in the hot mid day sun. This could burn the leaves.

Keep Your Property Beautiful

Tree trimming and landscaping maintenance is an issue every homeowner must face at some point. Many people choose their home partially based on the surrounding land and tree scape. With this comes the responsibility of caring for trees and vegetation on the property. Damaged, rotten or fallen limbs can occur quickly in the event of a storm, or over time based on tree care, environment conditions and age. To be prepared and ensure the beauty and health of one’s property, homeowners need to understand why they may need the service of a professional arborist – and – what a responsible, licensed and expert tree service can do provide.

Arborists – The Tree People


An Arborist can efficiently perform tasks necessary to improve or maintain the health, safety, and appearance of your trees.  One of their many jobs is to prune trees regularly so that they don’t develop weaker, sometimes diseased limbs and branches. They work with large trees that can be very dangerous for the average property owner.

Usually, home owners underestimate what it will take to cut, trim, or remove a tree and then try and tackle the tasks without the proper equipment and experience required for the job. Felling large trees unsafely can result in serious injury to people or damage to property.

Arborists are trained professionals who require a certain knowledge base to become certified. They can offer valuable advice as you plan your entire landscape because they are specifically trained to work with individual trees. Caring for the trees in your yard can be a very big job and you may find that hiring an Arborist will save you time and money.

Arborists Help Your Trees Stay Healthy and Strong Through Regular Pruning.

Beautiful backyard landscapes, if not maintained, can develop many problems over time. Trees that are left to grow without pruning will become over-crowded with dead and crossing branches or they may grow into nearby structures such as your house, garage, fence, power lines, etc. When wind pushes against your tree, it’s limbs and branches will move great distances to avoid the full force of powerful wind gusts.

Healthy limbs and branches are very strong and flexible in high winds, however, branches that rub against other branches in the wind, cannot develop properly and will break under ordinary stress conditions. Even large tree limbs can snap due to lack of tree maintenance, falling on nearby people or property. Branches that rub against your house, quickly destroy eaves troughs, shingles, and shatter windows. Out-of-control branches may even snap utility service wires. Arborists can help keep your trees healthy and strong for many years so you and your family will be safe. Regular tree pruning is how:

Arborists Prevent The Spread of Insects and Disease. – Tree diseases thrive in dead decaying wood. Small, dead branches, if not removed, are the perfect place for fungi and other tree diseases to grow and spread into the rest of your tree. As diseases spread, larger sections of your tree will die and the disease will spread faster. Have your Arborist regularly remove all dead and dying branches from your trees to prevent the spread of disease.

Arborists Get Your Trees To Absorb More Sunlight. – Over time dead branches build up inside the crown of your trees. Once a branch is dead it will take up valuable space and cast a shadow over other parts of your tree. As more and more dead branches accumulate, less and less direct sunlight will reach the living parts of your tree. As a result, your tree will expand outward and upward at a greater rate in order to get the sunlight it needs to survive.

This kind of rapid growth is bad for two reasons. First, major limbs will grow long and skinny and may not be strong enough to support the weight of all their leaf-bearing branches that develop on top where sunlight is accessible. Second, your tree’s rapid expansion will cause it to fill it’s allotted space much sooner than normal resulting in crowded, overgrown trees in your landscape that will need to be removed. After Arborists remove all the dead branches from trees, more direct sunlight is able to reach all parts of them resulting in the proper development of major limbs and a much slower overall growth rate.

Arborists Keep Your Trees Beautifully Shaped to Benefit You and Your Community. – The money you spend on regular Arborist visits is an investment that offers substantial returns. Great looking, healthy trees increase property value and ugly, unhealthy trees decrease property value. As your landscape matures over the years, the amount of care put into it will be easily noticeable by everyone who sees it whether they know anything about trees or not. The easiest way to get your trees working for you to increase your property value is to hire an Arborist.